5 Amazon Purchases I’ve Loved For Years

Jul 15, 2020

Amazon purchases can be pretty random for most of us, but that’s what makes it fun. Here are my five absolutely tried and true items that I highly recommend:



This is the BEST shaving cream I’ve ever used, hands down. I get razor burn a couple of days after I shave and nothing has helped, except this specific cream. It’s pure magic and I couldn’t keep it off of this random list of things I love! I’ve tried the shaving cream from billie, eos, skintimate, etc. and nothing compares to this one. Getcha some asap!




I made mini cakes for Audri’s first birthday party. My mother and my mother-in-law asked me what recipe I used for the cakes and did not believe me that it was a mix from a box. I gave them each a box that day, because they couldn’t get over how tasty it was haha (yes, I always have some on hand). My mother-in-law is gluten free and she appreciated the clean ingredients. If you have anyone in your life that stays away from gluten, this healthy option is perfect because it tastes like you’ve made it from scratch. I’ve been a true customer of theirs for years. You can read my initial review here.




These hand towels are used in our master bathroom, the guest bathroom, and the kitchen. When I first used them, I wanted to return them. They didn’t absorb well. After months of use and machine washing/drying, they’ve actually gotten better with time. Now I genuinely love them. I wanted to include them on this list incase you were looking for an inexpensive way to refresh your bathroom. This image is from a post I did called “My Bathroom Storage Closet Sneak Peek” and you can read more about that here.




This water bottle is always by my side. I bought Paul the grey color and several of his clients have asked where he got it. Some have even come back in for a session with the exact same bottle. It really helps us take in the right amount of water each day. The inspirational markers keep us motivated and it’s great for anyone looking to get healthier. It comes in 14 colors.



LAUNDRY HELPERS (that’s just what I call them)

These sheets collect color in each load of laundry. This means that you can mix colors and it won’t mess up the clothing. I mix lights and darks together and add two sheets per load. It works like a charm and I’ve ordered them repeatedly for years. The only time I don’t use these color catching sheets is when I’m doing a load of baby clothes because they are lightly fragranced. Or if I get a new pair of jeans or a new top. I always wash new items with like colors the first time. After that initial load though, I mix the items with any colors and the sheets stop the dye from bleeding perfectly.



What are your favorite Amazon purchases? Let me know!

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  1. Everly

    Such a fun post! So many great items to choose from. I order from Amazon weekly. Amazon truly is the first place I go to look for most things. I do like to choose “Made in America” when I can.

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