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Glasses Off: Seeing God When Your Vision Is Gone, is available for purchase. This is my first book: an exclusive collection of personal stories and life lessons I’m learning along the way. This read, for both men and women, is full of heart and passion. If you like reading about love and clarity, vision and insecurity, dreams and feelings, you’ll enjoy it! I’d love to hear your thoughts after you finish reading it, so please consider leaving a review.

Meet The Author

Ciara Laine Myers is like you: a beautifully-complicated, multi-faceted human. She loves her family and friends and she loves to read. Like you, she’s not just one thing. She’s both a mother and an award-winning business owner. She’s both shy and silly, a book and sports type of girl. Because of her layered nature, and down to earth disposition, her textured storytelling is fresh and refreshing. You can find her in the pages of this book, and in Prosper, Texas where she lives with her husband Paul, her daughters Audri and Averi and her dog Zoey.


“What a fantastic read for the everyday person to have fresh vision for their lives! Ciara sparks the imagination with her personal and cultural stories, vulnerability, practical insights, and biblical anchoring. She writes in a way that is whimsical, lighthearted and substantive all at the same time. It is as if you were sitting at a table with her enjoying a nice cup of coffee having a conversation that leaves you both encouraged and challenged to live life to the fullest.”

-Ross Sawyer, Lead Pastor of 121 Community Church

“This book—and Ciara’s writing—are both incredible and timely! Her words are life-giving and soul-restoring! I couldn’t put it down!”
-Holly Christine Hayes, Founder + CEO, Sanctuary Project

“Ciara Myers’ book, Glasses Off: Seeing God When Your Vision Is Gone is a fresh read on vision. She passionately holds on to God even when the vision He has given gets lost in the fog. Sharing her life stories along the way, Ciara invites you to look for God amidst all of life’s highs and lows. She lays out practical steps for recognizing a vision from God and integrates valuable sections on God-goal setting and boundaries to put legs on that vision and protect it. As you seek God’s vision in your own life, let Ciara walk alongside you as a friend and coach. She will keep you centered on the heart of God and champion your pursuit of vision.
-Lisa Toney, Chaplain Women of Faith and author of The Scripture Challenge

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