Mental Health

A New Location

Jul 2, 2024




My group counseling practice is getting a new office. I’ve been shopping around for a different space in which to build the business. It seems like a very fitting time to change our location. In 2018, I was pregnant with Averi and shopping around for real estate and furniture with nothing but a little dream of a family business. Two dreams began to bloom that year and both are now thriving and moving into new seasons. In just one month, Averi will be in school full time and our small business will continue to grow alongside her. Within the past five years, we have navigated the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and we are all the better for it. Our practitioners have become like family, loyal and wonderful people whom we adore and respect. We would appreciate your prayers over our new location and we are so glad you are on this journey with us.

Jul 2, 2024 | Mental Health