Zoey’s Breed + Training Progress

Aug 18, 2018

I grew up around all kinds of dogs.

My brother and I had: Bear (chow/lab mix), Precious (shitzu), and Copper (blue heeler). My cousins have four dogs running around their house as we speak.

Needless to say, I’m a dog person 100% (no offense to cats) so I was ecstatic when Paul got Zoey for me!

You see, Paul didn’t grow up around these furry friends so he had no idea what to expect as far as potty training, behavior training, etc. so it was a stretch for him to extend our little family this way!

I’m glad he did. 

She brings me so much joy and is incredibly lovable.

A lot of you have asked what kind of dog she is.

One guy at the hotel we stayed at last week asked if she was a wolf…….

No. She’s not a wild, carnivorous animal that hunts in packs.

She’s a Japanese/American Akita mix.

I researched Akita’s for an entire year before we got Zoey.

Throughout that time Paul and I were going back and forth about when we should get one, because we were also in the process of trying to get pregnant.

One day in November, we just decided to go for it, and we’ve been smitten ever since.

She will turn 1 in a week and I can’t wait to throw her a little celebration, give her a few new chew toys, and her favorite food!

After we added Zoey to our family, she and I attended training every Monday for MONTHS but that stopped once I found out about my miscarriage.

Everything (including her training) seemed less important…

Now that I’m healing (and my heart is healing) I’m a little concerned that Zoey’s time away from the trainer reversed some of the progress she was making.

So far, she’s GREAT at:

  • leaving things that drop on the floor
  • not jumping on us when we come home
  • walking/running on a leash
  • going to bed when asked

She needs work on:

  • the “stay” command
  • coming inside when I tell her to
  • letting the vet trim her nails
  • not barking at men


Have you struggled with your dog? Do you have any training tips? I’d love to hear from you!    



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Aug 18, 2018 | Lifestyle

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    She is a beautiful dog!!!

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