Our Time At The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Oct 6, 2018

Paul and I stayed at The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort last weekend and it was extremely nice, so I wanted to fill you in!

If you’re looking to travel to the beach, you should truly consider going in the Fall. The weather was perfect and barely anyone was out and about.

Here’s my “old” husband enjoying his 30th birthday in one of the heated resort pools!

They were warm enough that I could even swim in them! And I’m the girl that always needs a blanket or jacket in a movie theatre…

I’ll be honest, The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort is 100% elegant, timeless, and fun.

You can read about the history of the hotel here.

We got to our Oceanfront Room around 7pm and were met with beautiful gift baskets and cards.

One was for Paul’s birthday (it included handcrafted cheese straws, pecans, and other tasty treats). The other basket was full of fresh fruit…. so I took over that one šŸ™‚

The chocolates were shaped like little sea shells/sand-dollars and it came with a net – haha it was so cute and original. I sent this picture to my mom because we are such nerds when it comes to the little things in life. We appreciate details and apparently so do the King and Prince.

Later that night, Paul and I walked along the beach hand in hand without a care in the world.

We stumbled upon a wedding reception that was taking place at our resort (okay we semi-crashed it) because the lead singer was singing a cover of “Georgia” that literally brought tears to my eyes. And I don’t even live in Georgia….

We eventually came inside where we heard MOREĀ live music in the lobby of our hotel – so we danced to Sinatra covers until closing time.

Needless to say, the first night was a dream.

The next morning we spoiled ourselves with room service, because we’ve never had breakfast in bed before. It was incredibly relaxing waking up to the sounds of the waves, the view of the beach, the smell of pancakes and the comfort of the bed.

After eating way too much food, we rented bikes courtesy of The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort and took them out all day.

^ Sidenote: my favorite circle bag is on sale for $47. Grab it hereĀ before it sells out.

Below, Paul’s pretending to ride a mechanical bull haha! We are easily entertained to say the least

We rode bicycles along the beach and the little streets of St. Simons Island. We stumbled upon real estate and dreamed about owning a beach house one day after our children are grown.



Yes that is sunscreen sliding off of my face. I biked really hard and worked up a nice sweat before jumping into the ocean!

Every meal we ate came with a gorgeous view thanks to Echo (the restaurant at The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort)

Plus the food was UNREAL. I can’t describe it without my mouth watering.

The last day we enjoyed a couples’ massage in the cutest little cottage that was part of the resort. The porch swing outside had a friendly cat that greeted us and by the end of our massage, we left there feeling like two new people with two new bodies.

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Then we bought my mother-in-law a beautiful blue tea pot made in the 1800s from a local antique store, walked the beach once more, and then (sadly) headed for the airport.

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort


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