DIY Pumpkin Craft Project (For Minimal Home Decor That’s Still Festive)

Oct 13, 2018


Hey there!

Today I have a quick and easy pumpkin craft you can do by yourself, with your friend, spouse, or kids!

I’m by no means a DIY expert…

But my mom and dad truly are!

They came up with this cool pumpkin craft and once I saw pictures of them sitting on their counter, I suddenly wanted to become DIY savvy just in time for pumpkin season. 😉

Audri loved making these pumpkins so I thought I would share the easy steps with you (although I think this would be fun to do solo or with a roommate if you don’t have children).



1). Cut logs into different size circles

2). Paint them orange (don’t forget sealant)!

3). Cut a little branch for the “stem” depending on the size of log, drill a hole in the top of the log, add glue then put the stem in the hole and hold for a minute or so. Here’s a picture for reference:



4). Tie raffia or ribbon around the stem

5). Hot glue fall leaves on top for a little pop of color.


I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend, friend. 

If you like this kind-of blog post topic let me know below so that I can update you with a fun craft for Winter!

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Oct 13, 2018 | Lifestyle


  1. Sharon

    Love this post!! Do more crafting posts in the future!!!

  2. Jenny

    Darling idea, continue to send neat ideas like this one

  3. Diane Krause

    Nice!!!! I’ve even some, hmmm, what does one call them. tree trunk discs…I am by NO means a DIYer either…what kind of paint…an acrylic? I’d love my 4-5’s to do this…hmmm, a drill, a drill…a hand-held power drill will “cut” it…thanks!

  4. Sadie

    Love the pumpkins!!! More diy ideas in the future please!

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