What I’m Learning In 2018

Jan 28, 2018

photography: Megan Weaver


What I’m learning in 2018 is that God didn’t create me to be comfortable.

To be settled and happy in my tiny circle of influence.

He doesn’t really care which city I live in, where my child goes to school, what occupation I have, if my home is updated, or if I travel the world…

He cares if I’m faithful even through the most difficult circumstances, if I love my neighbor, if I sing to Him in worship, if I use my gifts to bring others toward Him, if I serve my family, and if I follow Him (even if the world rejects me).

My prayer is that I cling to God like never before.

Not my things.

Not my life of convenience.

Not my husband, work, or a lifestyle that society says I “should” have.


I pray that same prayer for you today, my friend!


Jan 28, 2018 | Faith

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  1. Sophie

    So true…I am trying to change my priorities beginning this year! Jesus is first in my life, but I am having to constantly remind myself of this because I let the world suck me back in too easily. Thank you for this very important post!

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