Father’s Day Activities

May 27, 2021


Family Camping Tent

Father’s Day is just around the corner so I wanted to give you a little inspiration for the special guy in your children’s life. Here is an updated list of gifts I will be giving some of my loved ones for Father’s Day this year. If your significant other would rather participate in an activity, I suggest setting up a tent and camping in your back yard together. Paul, Audri, and I did this last month and had a blast. Paul and Audri stayed outside for multiple days/nights braving the stormy weather. They enjoyed snacks, telling ghost stories, playing games, reading books, and special conversation. My father-in-law gifted us this tent and it has been easy to set up and tear down each time we use it. What are you doing for Father’s Day this year? I’d love to hear.

May 27, 2021 | Lifestyle

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