Celebrating Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary + 5 Things We’ve Learned About One Another In Marriage

May 28, 2021
Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we will be dining at Three Forks after work and heading to California for quality time overlooking the ocean. In order to include you in our celebration, Paul and I thought it would be interesting to share 5 things we’ve learned about one another over the course of our marriage. We answered these separately so I’m just now seeing his for the first time. Okay, without further ado, exactly as written from each other’s perspectives…


  1. He is principled with the important things in life and a rule breaker with almost everything else. He takes few things seriously (of which are the most valuable things in life: spirituality, safety, family, finances, future). He’s quick to remind me that not every little thing has to be of utmost priority. His viewpoint helps me with time management because my brain does not discard any detail, whether small or large. For instance, Audri’s school party is just as important as a work deadline. Answering a text right away feels just as pressing as paying the bill on time. For Paul, he’s very good at deciding what is important and compartmentalizing the rest (and he has much better boundaries with his time). 
  2. He is not a fan of change. In fact, I’ve heard him say that he “hates change” which I find really funny and often refer to him as a grandpa. I’m constantly changing, evolving, and challenging myself. I get bored when I learn a skill or excel in something new and quickly move on. Despite the fact that I try to make Paul’s life easier by offering effective solutions, he would rather stick to what he’s always done. It can be endearing at times and confusing at others. I love this difference because he teaches me to value what is already working and I stretch him out of his comfort zone (which he appreciates even though it is unnatural for him). 
  3. He’s good at most of the things he tries. He teaches himself how to play a song on the piano after only hearing it once (despite never taking piano lessons). He can skateboard, play the drums, cook an amazing dinner, challenge you to Jiu-Jitsu, a game of Warhammer, or soccer. I am naturally good at a few things but I believe my success comes from God’s blessing, and pure work ethic. 
  4. He’s spontaneous. Most people in our area know him as this buttoned up, always professional counselor who never has a good time. While, he certainly is a professional – and cares more about mental health than anyone I’ve ever met – he has a very spontaneous nature. To say he dislikes planning would be an understatement. He much prefers impulsivity and living in the present moment. I love this about him because he’s very easy to please, adventurous, and fun!  
  5. He has initiative, especially when decision making. He knows what he wants and never second guesses it. He told me he loved me after only weeks of knowing me. He purchased an engagement ring after only a few months of dating and we were engaged soon after. Now that I know him well, I understand that once his mind is made up, he never looks back. I’ve always found this intriguing because I’m the total opposite. I will research for days, journal about something, make pros and cons lists, and eventually make “the perfect decision.” For instance, I had a vision of what I wanted my apartment bedroom to look like… so I spent two hours just in the paint isle of Home Depot choosing the perfect shade of beige. Paul probably hates it, but I like to know that the decision I’m making is the absolute best one (because I’ve researched or tried every other option available haha). I love his quick decision making because he easily decides frivolous things for us like where to eat for lunch!  


  1. She’s a creative genius. Few people can come up with as many good ideas on a daily basis as her. Every day for years there are at least 15-20 ideas that are all fantastic and attainable.
  2. She has wisdom and a big picture perspective. She handles life’s setbacks and disappointments with grace and humility. She has successfully handled many obstacles in life with an amazing perspective.
  3. She has a merciful/compassionate heart. No matter what she always forgives others and doesn’t judge. She cares for those who are less fortunate and routes for the underdog. Her heart melts when she sees children and people suffering. She is generous with her time and money and always gives with a grateful heart. 
  4. She has drive and initiative. I have consistently seen her just get up and do the things needed everyday for years without complaining. The amount of things she can manage and accomplish in one day astounds me and may be a superpower. She makes a list and knocks out every line item without ever having to be told to do it. She could have an idea and fully execute on it successfully without any need for accountability. 
  5. She has honor and respect. She always puts others ahead of herself. She loves powerfully and gives her full heart into everything she pursues. She will always take responsibility when she is wrong and be the first to apologize to God and others when she is out of line. She does everything properly the first time and is thorough with details and courteous to the needs and feelings of others with every decision. 

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May 28, 2021 | Lifestyle