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At Home Activities For Spring / Easter

Apr 3, 2020

Discuss the true meaning of Easter. After all, the Easter story is the most important part of this season. Audri and I take turns reading different books about Easter each year. We like this book and this book currently. This wooden puzzle is a completely unique way to incorporate Easter into your child’s memory bank. It’s colorful, fun, and an easy way to honor and remember the resurrection story. I found it on Etsy a couple of years back and included it inside of Audri’s Easter basket. It’s smooth and safe (for older children). We make sure to play with this puzzle when baby Averi is down for a nap.


Make a birdhouse. You can build one from a kit or paint an old birdhouse to make it fresh. Audri built a small nest for the birds so that it really feels like home. She also made an adorable sign for them. We use this bird seed.


Make Easter cards and send them to family and friends. Go all out with stickers, markers, ribbon, buttons, stencils, jewels, pictures and get to work. Audri made several different cards featuring cotton ball bunnies and I think they turned out really cute.



Plant flowers. We own many flower pots. It’s pretty much an inside joke at this point. We find them in the garage, under-stair storage, outside, inside kitchen cabinets, etc. I don’t know how we have so many pots and vases, but we are slowly finding new ways to use these old items. If you have any random pots lying around, I think it would be fun to paint them with chalkboard paint and write messages using white or colored chalk. If you have an herb garden, you could label your herbs this way. You could also have your little ones put their handprints on flower pots using non-toxic paint for a cute (and practical) keepsake! Audri and I planted flowers this week together. We played in dirt, watered our flower babies, and gave them some much-needed tender love and care. We are trying to make the best of this season at home by relishing the happy moments – like getting to see our tulips in full bloom.



Make a sock bunny. This idea came from a local art studio owner who hosted my daughter’s 7th birthday party. You can follow the instructions or make it your own. Audri and I grabbed a clean, grey sock out of Paul’s drawer, put couscous inside to make the body of the bunny and tied a hair band around it. We poured more couscous inside the sock to make the head and tied a hair band around it. Then, we took scissors and cut down the middle of the sock to make ears. We trimmed them so that they were realistic and pointy.


Easter egg hunt. I’m waiting to hide eggs until Easter day, but I know a few people who’ve started egg hunting every day of the month to make the days go by faster and keep the children outside and off of technology. Here are a few other at home activities to enjoy this season:

Apr 3, 2020 | Faith, Motherhood


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