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Easter Basket Goodies + Dresses For Children

Mar 23, 2019

Easter basket gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Children don’t always remember what they got…


…..they remember how they felt waking up to a basket filled with fun surprises.


I was planning on waking Audri up with a special pastel-colored breakfast, playing worship music throughout the house, and surprising her with goodies this year….but she got into them a little early 🙂 haha oops. It’s time for this mama to find a new present hiding spot!


Here are a few of the items I included in her Easter basket this year:

I also included chalk, a bunny balloon, bubbles, and other crafting gifts. Audri always looks forward to finding a new dress in her Easter basket each year, and I always enjoy watching her twirl around in it full of joy and sheer sweetness! View my favorite dresses and Easter baskets below by clicking on the images:



If you need a dress, check out my post here.

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Mar 23, 2019 | Faith, Motherhood