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This Is A Creative, Easy, (and beautiful) Way To Read The Bible…

Mar 30, 2019


Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

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Reading the bible can be a little overwhelming if you’re a new Christian. There are plenty of studies, devotionals, and reading plans that make the Bible easier to retain, but I wanted to find a product which held powerful stories and complimentary imagery. I read picture books as a child. It’s such a simple yet effective concept that shouldn’t end in childhood. I’m both a visual person and a words person. That’s why I’ve always enjoyed magazines, novels, and beautiful coffee table books. These printed books have the ability to resonate deeply and linger in my memory, thanks to their thoughtful design. I highly recommend grabbing The Gospels Set for yourself or gifting one book to a friend for Easter.

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Mar 30, 2019 | Books, Faith