Evening Habits For A Happy & Peaceful Tomorrow

Aug 21, 2017


I love waking up to a tidy home, a big cup of coffee, and a little quiet time rather than being woken up by Audri abruptly (as I literally jump out of bed) in a rush to cook breakfast or get Paul’s lunch ready before he leaves for work. That doesn’t do anyone any good.

I also love being able to get a work out in, and read my devotional so I can enjoy the day with a rested mind and a peaceful perspective. 

Here are some of the things I do in the evenings that make my mornings lovely instead of chaotic….


  1. Plan – whatever stresses me out at the thought of waking up to, I do it now. Sometimes I unload the dishwasher. Other times I meal prep.
  2. Tea and Essential Oils – helps me unwind to drink hot tea and infuse oils into the bedroom. To see how I incorporate all essential oils into my lifestyle, click here.  
  3. Skincare – right now I’m loving the blue lotus mask  once a week after regular cleansing. 
  4. Read – Sometimes the Bible, a novel, or an autobiography. Other times, I’m enjoying visual images about design. If reading isn’t your thing, I suggest doing something that you like to do for inspiration. Just stay away from screens and devices. 
  5. Massage – I give Paul a little massage or he rubs my face until I fall asleep. It puts our thoughts at bay and lets our bodies’ know it’s time for a deep sleep. 
  6. Airplane Mode – I sleep with my phone in the kitchen on airplane mode. It eliminates radiation and allows my bedroom to be a sacred place without constant distraction. The phone should “go to bed” before I do. 


I hope you guys are rested and ready to tackle the week ahead! Leave a comment if you have any evening tips that make all the difference!



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Aug 21, 2017 | Skincare


  1. Teresa

    My bedtime routine is kind of crazy… I try to make sure everything is put away and in order before going to bed so that when I wake up the next day, I don’t feel like I’m beginning the day already behind, such a mental thing for me. (My husband thinks it is absurd by the way)
    I love your quote, “The phone should go to bed before I do!”

    1. VeiledFree

      Lol your husband sounds like mine when I go through my nighttime skincare routine, followed by my essential oils haha men don’t get it sometimes 😉 Keep tidying up Teresa, I applaud you!

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