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Want An American Girl Doll House For Your Child, But Don’t Reeealllyyy Want To Spend The Money?

Jul 12, 2020

American Girl Doll Pjs

American Girl Doll Dress


This repurposed media center is now a beloved American Girl Doll house for our oldest daughter, Audri.


If you’d like to DIY an American Girl Doll house for someone special,  follow these steps below:


  1. Purchase a used cabinet from Facebook Marketplace, Craiglist, eBay, etc. You can always go in person to an antique store (the markup might be higher than someone trying to get rid of their stuff online). 🙂
  2. Remove all drawers and hardware from the inside. Use appropriate primer and paint to coat. I recommend lighter colors.
  3. Decorate with the American Girl Doll accessories you own first. Purchase a few more doll house items if you’d like to make it realistic. You could include anything from a bathtub to a school locker. You know your little person best, so choose whatever they would like most, and don’t be afraid to get creative.
  4. Let your child decorate and make it his or her own world. For instance, Audri hung up a picture inside of the house to make it look like wall art and she gave her American Girl Doll an Ariel toy to play with. She also wrote the name “Gengor” on a piece of paper and placed it around the dog’s neck like a name tag.


I found a bunch of adorable items you can use for your DIY American Girl Doll House from Amazon:



Let me know if you want to try this project out or if you have any questions! Have a wonderful week!

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Jul 12, 2020 | Home Decor


  1. Sarah

    I love love love this idea! So cute! My daughter would love this for her American Girl Doll!

    1. VeiledFree

      Thank you so so much! Enjoy the DIY house process! I hope your little one loves it!

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