4 Tips for Getting In the Mood to Workout

Jan 28, 2017

Sometimes, I’m not in the mood to workout……….at all.

For anyone out there who can relate, I’ve decided to share some secret sauce that gets me a little more workout ready:


  1. I like to remind myself that my body is holy, a temple from God, and it’s given to me to be taken care of properly. (1 Corinthians 6:19) I know this is SUCH a Christian answer, but if you really think about it…….it’s a big responsibility. There are so many health benefits to working out, that you just can’t ignore how God designed us to maintain our bodies….
  2. I use working out as an excuse to catch up with a girlfriend. Not only do I have scheduled friend time, but I also experience a high-level of accountability. Once my bestie and I are on a regular workout regimen, both of us can politely call each other out when the other has skipped pilates class four times in a row. And we still love each other.
  3. This is a fun one – I can eat more! 🙂 Working out enhances my metabolism like crazy, and it actually encourages me to eat healthier. After sweating for an hour, the last thing I’m craving is a brownie or a bowl of ice cream. I try to eat 6x a day (snacking 3x and real meals 3x) and I don’t feel bad about eating often because I’m burning those calories off!
  4. Quality time with my significant other. Paul and I love working out together at home, around our neighborhood, or the gym. It allows us connectedness, oneness, positive reinforcement, and honestly just makes us more energetic for the other. This is one workout we do 4x per week. We love it because (although it’s hard) it only takes 25 minutes to get in a killer workout! But don’t worry, they have a modified version on each disc if you’re a workout beginner.


Some people would rather go to the gym than work out at home, but I don’t have a preference. I have dumbbells, a jump rope, a yoga mat, and other workout essentials that I’m constantly using.

Sometimes I don’t use anything but what’s already inside my home to workout. For instance, I just use my living room chair for dips or my hallway for lunges. As long as I get my heart rate up and work different muscles, I’m a happy camper.

If you have a really hard time getting motivated and none of my tips work for you, I’d suggest finding something that does motivate you. For example, I have a close friend who looks at images of herself when she was at her healthiest and is immediately inspired to get back in shape. For me, all it takes is this incredible workout app!

My biggest motivating factors are love for God, myself, and the well-being of my household.

It’s never about what I weigh or what size my jeans are. I never guilt trip or body shame myself into working out, because that doesn’t yield lasting results. If I haven’t worked out in days, I’ll set out a workout outfit on my computer at night so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. I tell myself I can’t read the Bible or work on my computer until my exercise is complete. One thing I do after changing into my workout gear is eat a fruit or veggie smoothie, and give it time to digest by cooking breakfast for my daughter and getting her ready for the day.

Once my stomach is settled, I get my exercise done! I feel proud of myself, set a good health example for Audri, and have a lot more energy to last through the craziness of the day! 😉

My hope is that eventually this will take less self-discipline for you, and eventually become something you enjoy…..or at least don’t hate. 🙂


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Jan 28, 2017 | Fitness


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    1. VeiledFree

      Thank you!

  2. Dan

    Working out is beneficial to the body. Personally I try my best to work out at least twice a week ( I know it is not much…but it keeps me in good shape). Nice post…thank you Ciara .

    1. VeiledFree

      Twice a week is WAY better than nothing, Dan! Keep it up!

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