Easy Leg Workout for Beginners

Jan 8, 2017



I’ve been involved in dance, basketball, and volleyball since I could walk. I danced in college and I played volleyball at a different college.

And let’s face it… that was 6 years ago. I no longer need to “bulk up” with heavy weights or focus my energy on specific things like speed.

I workout today, because I enjoy being healthy and fit and taking care of what God gave me.

Today’s post is focused on a few leg workout routines that I actually see results from. I do these 3x a week. Feel free to put workout clothes on, and join me.

(just make sure to remove your jewelry and drink a glass of water before starting…)

leg workout

Once I’m nice and stretched, I begin each “leg workout day” with a basic jump rope routine to get my heart rate going! I jump for 5 minutes straight.

If you are just starting out – I suggest jumping 40 times, resting for a minute, jumping 60 times, resting for a minute, jumping 40 times, and resting for the last time.

Don’t focus on how high you jump, but on finding and keeping a consistent rhythm. Try not to throw your back and shoulders into the jump. It should be as simple as a small, circular motion with your wrists.



Now that my blood is pumping, I begin sumo squatting for 3 minutes (with a 10 second break after each minute).

Make sure your feet are in a wide stance (helps with toning the inner things), your toes are turned out, your knees are directly over your toes, your chest is back, and your abs are tight.


Come down slowly until your upper legs are parallel to the floor (inhale) and drive back up through your heels (exhale), squeeze your glutes each time you squat.


I like to do a variation for each minute. Here’s one example.

Shift all of your weight onto one leg (bend and lift the other leg to your chest)



and then come down into a side or front lunge.

leg workout


Now, take a breather with calf raises.

I do 4 reps of 25. My feet are planted firmly, weight distributed evenly, hands by my side, shoulders back, and eyes straight ahead.


Raise up onto the balls of your feet and squeeze your calves for 3 seconds. Now lower yourself back down slowly. (you can hold dumbbells for a more challenging workout).

leg workout


My other favorite leg workouts are below for easy pinning:

leg workout

Photography Bryan Grayson

Jan 8, 2017 | Fitness


  1. Sarah

    Great work out tips and super cute clothes! Keep up the good work!

    1. VeiledFree

      Thank you!! It was soooo cold outside when I was doing this haha. Have a good day!

  2. Debra Meyer

    These leg work-out tips looks awesome and very easy too. I will make sure I try them out this weekend. Nice out-fit.

    1. VeiledFree

      They are super easy once you get the hang of it! Have fun trying them, Debra!

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