Create Something Today

Jun 11, 2018

This is just a simple reminder to create something today. 

Creating isn’t just for children.

It increases my ability to be a self-starter, to problem solve, my attention span and focus lasts longer, my self-discipline grows with each day, and it helps me unwind from every day stressors.

Even if you aren’t a “creative” person, you can tap into this.

I’m not great at painting but I enjoy it because I have absolutely no standards for myself (hear me out)…

I paint my feelings and thoughts onto the canvas and don’t criticize myself on how it looks in the end. 

My goal is to create something from nothing.

Today I’m working with my camera and learning more about photography. I’ll be creating images that didn’t exist before and that’s an exciting day. 

I’m also working on this website and figuring out creative ways to bring you content! It should be fully updated by July 🙂

When we create something new, we are contributing an original to the world and that’s meaningful and necessary.

photography: Bryan Grayson

What are you going to create today?

  • Taking photos?
  • Coloring in adult coloring books?
  • Crochet?
  • Journaling?
  • Trying a pottery class for the first time?
  • Painting?
  • Starting a blog? Read my post here on why you should.
  • Cooking a recipe that you came up with?
  • Calligraphy?



Whatever you decide to create today, I hope it blesses you and allows you to access that innate creativity that God gave you.

Remember, he was/is the master creator and you’re made in His image. 🙂

Love you! Have an amazing week! Shop the rest of my backyard in this post.



Jun 11, 2018 | Lifestyle