The Two Must Have Lipstick Shades: Certified Organic

Sep 21, 2017

Dear lipstick, you make it seem like I tried harder than I actually did today. Sincerely, Ciara. 

I’m picky about lipstick because it completes a look. If it cracks easily or comes off after one sip of coffee, I just feel like I wasted time applying it.

When it comes to lipstick colors, I stick to what looks best.

Corals are a hit or miss depending on the product, but I can always count on pink and red shades. I wear these shades all year long – choosing darker hues in the fall/winter and lighter hues in the spring/summer.

These two are my current favorite lipstick shades for fall and winter. They’re certified organic, cruelty free, and vegan but still pigmented and creamy.

Honeysuckle is a beautiful and subtle pink that I adore. This is Paul’s favorite.

Here’s what Honeysuckle looks like on (from this post):


Auburn Ambition is a darker red shade that compliments all skin tones. It’s not the bright, classic red most people think of, so it’s more wearable during daytime. And it has lasting power!

If you watched my Instagram story, you saw the lip print on my husband’s cheek (which he had to scrub with soap and water to remove).

Here’s what Auburn Ambition looks like on (from this post):


The average woman ingests 52 TUBES of lipstick in her lifetime. That’s a lot of toxins absorbed into the bloodstream. I love this brand, because I don’t have to compromise the look and feel of beautiful makeup for health’s sake.

Find these exact lipstick shades at the cutest online boutique for natural products called The Choosy Chick below.

Click here to see the rest of their goodies!

Photography Megan Weaver

Sep 21, 2017 | Makeup

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