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A Seriously Easy Way To Freshen Up Your Space

May 23, 2020

As most of you know, Paul and I moved into this house almost a year ago. Averi was three months old at the time, so we didn’t have much energy to spend on making this house a home. We were adapting to a new city, new people, and Audri’s new school.

Now that we feel a little more settled,  we have been slowly going through our things, de-cluttering, and adding little details here and there to make the space feel like us.

One part of the home we’ve been focusing on lately is the master bathroom since we spend so much time in here each day. We took this gorgeous wallpaper and placed it inside of our bathroom drawers to freshen up the space.

It’s a neutral wallpaper that we initially purchased for Averi’s nursery (not realizing the walls were much too textured for it to stick). I asked you via instagram what we should do: either scrape the texture and apply wallpaper or ditch the paper and paint the nursery? The vote was an overwhelming paint the nursery instead.

Since then, I’ve been placing pieces of this wallpaper in unexpected places around the home, beginning with these (otherwise boring) bathroom drawers. Each time I open these drawers to get ready in the morning, the experience now feels personal and invigorating.

The next place Paul and I freshened up in our home, was a small shelf in our walk-in closet. I’ve used this shelf in a variety of ways since moving in, but I finally decided to make it my jewelry display. I have so many special pieces of jewelry and they deserve an organized and beautiful place to live. Now, I’m on the hunt for jewelry display/organizers, because I have more beautiful pieces that are {sadly} tucked away in the boxes they came in. I’ll keep you updated on how I decide to display my jewelry.

There’s something really sweet about do it yourself projects. None of our wallpaper jobs around the home look professional by any means, but I prefer the imperfection. It gives it character. It’s a memory made.




I’ll be publishing more home updates on the blog as we continue to make this space our own. In the meantime, stay safe and take care!

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May 23, 2020 | Home Decor


  1. Diane Krause

    You are just so fun! Thank you so much for your blogs!! I so enjoy them! Averi is so cute!

    1. VeiledFree

      Ah! Thank you very much!!!!

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