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My Morning Routine

Apr 6, 2017

My morning routine is surprisingly pretty structured for such a spontaneous person!


I encounter the worst sound in the world from my phone alarm and hit snooze in a panic. (I’ve never been a morning person haha).


I crawl out of bed and stumble into the kitchen where I boil water in my favorite kettle. This was a really special gift that Paul and I put on our wedding registry so it’s a nice memory to experience every morning. 🙂 I soak my teami tea in a current favorite mug, and of course, choose my record of the day! Today’s record is actually vintage from my father-in-law’s collection he let me borrow. I use this record player and I have zero complaints. The quality is amazing!

I feel most productive during this morning hour, because my family is asleep and the house is quiet.

morning routine

It allows me to get things accomplished and out of the way before Noon, so I don’t feel anxious when I’m playing with my little girl at the park or meeting a friend during her work lunch. I’m present in the moment – which is really important to me.

My morning routine probably isn’t the same as some of you because I work from home. But I’ve had quite a few of you DM or email and ask how I get everything done while running a business.

A really short answer to that is….. I wake up earlier. If you need a more in depth answer, feel free to read this post where I included several women into this very conversation.

I know guys…. “wake up earlier” ….is not a fun answer but it’s the only thing that works for my current life stage.

One thing that motivates me to get up earlier is to invest in “me time.”

I enjoy hot tea in the morning so much it’s ridiculous. I truly feel that finding something healthy as soon as I get up in the morning, gets me a little more excited to begin the day.

If your thing is a smoothie, coffee, or green juice, awesome!

I’m currently enjoying teami skinny tea each morning and teami colon tea every other night to clean out the toxins in my body.

It’s working so well, I honestly looked in the mirror yesterday and said “WOW” out loud when I looked at my stomach (then I felt a little odd because I was the only one around…). If you’re a fellow tea lover, you have to try this detox. The benefits are crazy. It boosts my metabolism, suppresses my cravings, gets rid of menstrual bloating, and detoxifies my major organs. I’m peaceful knowing the tea is safe and all-natural.

I just take a tablespoon of the loose leaf and pack it inside of my cute infuser. Mine is green but they have a ton of colors to choose from. Then I soak the infuser inside of my mug for five minutes, remove the infuser, and add lemon for taste.

I read the Bible (according to my 365 day plan) while sipping on my tea looking out from my back porch. It puts me in the right frame of mind to begin my day instead of an anxiety-ridden stress ball of a mom. I never want Audri to look at me like I’m stressed because of her.

I want her to know I accomplish things, but I always have time to teach and love on her.

After I read the Bible, I go into my “war room” aka my closet and talk to God for a bit. Then I pack a lunch for Paul (which is actually like packing for six children because he eats so much)! 😉


I go to the gym down the street and work out. They have soooo many classes but I usually stick to my own workout because I know which body part I want to focus on that day. I get home (it’s literally 5 minutes away) and eat a Larabar, take a shower, cleanse and moisturize my face. I feel great by this point, because my exercise is out of the way and the endorphins have kicked in!


I get ready for the day, create my to do lists (yes I have several). I use this planner for an overview of my week. I unload the dishwasher, and make my bed. Audri is awake by this point so I cook breakfast for her ( we listen/dance around to the record for a bit). Then the school lessons begin!

photography: Bryan Grayson

Thanks for stopping by to catch my morning routine! I would love to hear how your morning routine is the same or different from mine!

If you want to try the hot tea that I drink, use code VFTEAMI10 at checkout for a discount, and let me know if you see quick results like I did!


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  1. Sarah

    Great post! I also start my day early, except I have coffee while reading my Bible!

    1. VeiledFree

      It’s such a nice way to set perspective!


    Awesome post! My days are usually filled with too many activities. I am a single mum with 2 stubborn but amazing kids.

    1. VeiledFree

      Thanks Natalie! I hope you find a routine that works and gives you SOME peace!

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