5 Educational Books For Children (particularly those who struggle with anxiety or anger)

Jul 28, 2020

educational books for children


Navigating parenthood is tricky right now. I see you, mama. View a curated list of 5 books guaranteed to bring healing to your living, breathing, human being that is trying to survive in unprecedented times. Audri’s personal favorite is The Unworry Book. Here are a few real reviews from readers:

 The Unworry Book

“Bought this for my seven year old as she was struggling with anxiety (specifically at bedtime) just having this book by the side of her bed and knowing that if she can’t sleep, she can pick it up seems to be doing the trick! The activities are perfect to distract from worries but not so interactive that she is then wide awake! I highly recommend!” You can purchase this book here.

Red Red Red

“Excellent book for toddlers about anger management.” You can purchase this book here.

All About Feelings

“Every family with small children should have a copy of this book!!! So much to be learned. It has encouraged our 6 year old to communicate her feelings more eloquently and has been able to better identify feelings that for young children can be difficult. Such a good find! Recommending it to all of my friends with kids.” You can purchase this book here.

All About Friends

5 Stars. You can purchase this book here.

All About Families 

“An informative and educational book about families.” You can purchase it here.

Jul 28, 2020 | Books


  1. Julie

    Thank you for sharing these book titles. It is such a difficult time for many families. I have one daughter that stresses about many different things daily. I will be ordering the “Unworry” book ASAP.

  2. Shauna

    I just received the “Unworry” book for my 3rd grader and can’t wait to read it with him.

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