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How Writing Gives Me Perspective and Peace Of Mind

Nov 22, 2020

Writing is an excellent source of self expression. I’ve found it to be quite therapeutic and relaxing over the years. Writing helps me articulate what I’m really feeling inside when vague conversations fail me. As soon as I’m candid with myself and write down raw, honest thoughts on a page, something happens. It’s as though I’m exhaling for the first time that day. Releasing thoughts from my mind onto a physical piece of paper gives me relief and peace of mind. I encourage you to write something down every day over the next few weeks of this cozy, holiday season (warm beverage in hand). Even if writing isn’t your thing, give it a try. There’s no grade and no one’s reading it but you.


Here are a few of the health benefits I’ve Personally gained from writing:


  • Stress reduction
  • Clarity
  • Elevates my mood
  • Self awareness
  • Conflict resolution. (Writing something down first allows me to see if I really need to bring this subject up with another person or if it’s something I can handle on my own).
  • Decreases my anxiety
  • Preserved detailed memories that would have otherwise been forgotten.



Here are a few of the items I’m loving for this exercise: 




As always, thank you for stopping by. Sending joy and gratitude your way.

Nov 22, 2020 | Mental Health, Mindfulness