Mother’s Day Gift Idea (For The Woman Who Has Everything)

Jan 29, 2021

Although it’s early to begin discussing a Mother’s Day gift idea for May 9th of this year, I wanted to link these specific outfit details sooner rather than later (so that you can have them before they sell out).

My mother organized this family photo shoot and my sister in law chose the clothing color theme consisting of: blues, whites, and greens. We live states apart and don’t get the opportunity to spend a lot of time together, so we made the most of our time by capturing these sweet moments.

As I browsed through these special images, I couldn’t help but think about sharing a fresh idea with you. I believe that planning and paying for a family picture day would make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift idea. Especially for those mothers who are family-oriented or have been recently promoted to Grandmother.


If you’d like to book a family photography session as a Mother’s Day gift idea she’s sure to cherish, make sure to include a shot list for your photographer:


  • all of the women in the family
  • all of the men in the family
  • great-grandparents with great-grandchildren
  • children only
  • each couple
  • each family
  • unique shot of a family heirloom
  • entire group
  • etc.




My Mom’s Blouse: here

My Sister’s Dress: similar here

My Grandmother’s Blouse: similar here

My Dress: here

Averi’s Dress: here

Averi’s Bonnet: here

Averi’s Tights: here

Averi’s Shoes: similar here

Audri’s Dress: here

Audri’s Tights: here

Audri’s Shoes: here

Audri’s Necklace: here



In honor of Mother’s Day, i’ve pulled together a few beautiful frames for your family portraits:





Click any of the beautiful frames above for pricing information. You can also view our multi-generational pictures from Paul’s side of the family here. During both of these family photography sessions, our grandparents wore a different (bright) color to stand out from the rest of the family members, because they deserve to be uniquely celebrated. Thank you for stopping by and take care.

Photography Bekah Hedges

Jan 29, 2021 | Motherhood


  1. Deidre

    Such a sweet post! Beautiful family! My favorite frames are the Estelle round ones.

  2. Sarah B.

    YESSS, this is a great Mother’s Day gift idea. We spend a significant amount of money each year on family photos, but I never regret it, and I hear so many women say they regret not doing it. They are such beautiful memories.

    1. VeiledFree

      It’s certainly a special time and I thought it would make for a lovely gift!

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