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What’s Your Personality Type?

May 16, 2018


Recently, Paul asked me to take a test to determine my personality type. 

(because my hubby is a therapist, he’s constantly creating new diagrams, charts, and graphs to help explain something to his patients in visual form and sometimes he tries these things out on me). I guess I look like a guinea pig… 😉
I’d taken the Myers-Briggs test before (because it was required for work) and the results showed me as an ENFP.
But, Paul wanted to see if this other popular test was actually accurate to recommend to his patients. I took the test. I remained an ENFP.

photography: Megan Weaver

This ENFP personality type can mean a lot of different things.

Here’s a snippet of the results from

“ENFPs are enthusiastic, idealistic, restless, and open-minded, with wide-ranging interests. Because of these personality traits, they are among the most versatile of all types, working well with both people and ideas. As Extraverts, they are not opposed to action, while as Intuitives, they are not opposed to reflection. In this sense, ENFPs represent a sort of hybrid between Introverts and Extraverts.

ENFPs are novelty-seekers. They are constantly scanning for new and interesting people, ideas, and possibilities. Like the INFP, they enjoy abstract as well as more experiential forms of learning.

While seeking success in their careers and relationships, ENFPs generally take life less seriously than IP or EJ types (i.e., types with a dominant Judging function). At the end of the day, ENFPs want to have fun and may not be highly discriminating with regard to how that happens. Perhaps more than anything, ENFPs fear boredom and stagnation. Even sleep can seem a bit too boring or mundane for ENFPs.

ENFPs place high value on their personal experiences when it comes to discerning truth. Because of the high value they place on their personal experiences, ENFPs may feel they cannot fully know themselves until they have tried just about everything.
ENFPs are among the least judgmental and most inclusive of all types, both inwardly and outwardly.

ENFPs are also connoisseurs of and participants in the arts and culture. They are commonly drawn to all sorts of creative endeavors. In particular, they often enjoy music, drama, and photography. Those with sufficient mental focus can also make great writers, be it fiction or non-fiction. ENFPs are highly represented among journalists, excelling with both the written and spoken word.

With regard to ENFP careers, they are often drawn to ministry, counseling, or teaching. They love seeing and cultivating potential in others. While some ENFPs are content with working largely with ideas, others seek to combine this with action and adventure. Such individuals may take up work as missionaries, tour guides, or diplomats. Others may try their hand at politics. ENFPs’ inferior function, Introverted Sensing (Si), may contribute an interest in history that may add to the allure of religious, political, or journalistic work.”

I thought I’d share some of what my personality type entails so that you can understand how extensive and detailed the results are with this test.


Now I encourage YOU to take a personality test!

It can be incredibly helpful in navigating life, because it forces you to look at yourself realistically. Please be extremely honest with every answer so that you get accurate results.


Self awareness and acceptance is the first step toward true personal growth.

Even if you finish the test and you don’t necessarily like the outcome of your results, please don’t feel ashamed or unhappy. Every single personality type has pros and cons that come with it!  
You can take this test to figure out which personality type you are!

May 16, 2018 | Mental Health, Mindfulness