My Live Webinar With Women of Faith

May 10, 2018


Hello friends!

I was asked to preach live on the Women of Faith Ambassador Facebook page for 30 minutes about prayer. I mentioned it in an previous Instagram post and I had a lot of questions a week or so later.

You guys were sooo confused why you couldn’t see it and I apologize!

It was my fault. I should have clarified that the Ambassador page is a separate Facebook page, because it’s a secret group of women that pay annually for exclusive content from us.

I’m so sorry if you were logged in and watching the regular Women of Faith Facebook page at 8pm CST ready for the webinar.

Anyway, I am able to share the video with you now! 🙂


Keep in mind two things while you watch/listen:

1). I’m not a YouTuber so the quality isn’t great, but the sermon is straight from my heart and genuine. I didn’t want to spend more time on the presentation than the sermon itself. It’s actually quite dark because the live webinar was at night. The first 5-10 minutes is slow. There is a lot of introduction and discussion going on to give everyone a chance to log in. There won’t be many people who watch this, because they attended the live session. This is just for you!

2). It’s kind-of long so listen while you get ready in the morning, in the car, or late at night so that distraction is at a minimum.


I love you all and I hope you enjoy! Watch the video here


May 10, 2018 | Faith

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  1. Connie

    Loved this video!!! I took 4 pages of notes! Thanks for sharing God’s Word!!!

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