Using My Children’s Artwork As Home Decoration

May 25, 2021



Four years ago, Audri expressed interest in becoming an art student. Since then, I’ve encouraged her to explore, invent, paint, and create something every day. If your child enjoys arts and crafts as much as mine does, I hope you can find a place to display his/her projects throughout your home. For example, I have this flower vase next to my desk in the office as a reminder of creativity and youth. Audri’s paintings adorn hallway walls, picture frames, the refrigerator and more. A wedding ring holder she made for me at art camp one year, sits beside my bed in the master suite and a few of her handmade pottery pieces are on bookshelves for display. She feels loved and accomplished that I am proud of her artwork enough to decorate the home with them.

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May 25, 2021 | Motherhood