The Dead Sea – Benefits To Overall Health and Wellbeing

Mar 7, 2018

Visiting the Dead Sea (and many other places in Israel) is on my bucket list!

What Is The Dead Sea:

  • It’s a body of water with extremely high salt and mineral-rich waters  (not conducive to sustaining life).
  • Yes, you read correctly. No fish can survive there.
  • In fact, the Dead Sea is nearly ten times saltier than any of the world’s oceans…
  • It’s known as the lowest point on Earth.
  • Most people that travel there end up floating around covered in the mineral rich soil – due to the health and healing properties.
  • I want to visit for spiritual reasons, because it’s the setting for some of the most important stories in biblical history.

Health Benefits of The Dead Sea:

  • spiritual connection
  • allergy relief
  • anti-aging
  • alleviate rheumatologic conditions
  • improve skin ailments

A friend of mine is in Israel right now. I asked him to send pictures of the Dead Sea… and I’ll be posting them on my Instagram stories as I get them!

If you aren’t planning a trip to Israel anytime soon, but you still want to benefit from the mineral rich salts….I’ve got the perfect product for you to try out.

I recently exfoliated my skin with Dead Sea Salts inside of this scrub below.

It left my legs silky smooth and shiny.

The founder maintains production at her FEMALE-RUN facility in Jordan (yes…as in where Jesus was baptized) to ensure that every container holds the Dead Sea Minerals.

All of their products help reduce wrinkles, inflammation, and roughness without the use of parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, or GMOs.

Purchase the almond scrub here!



Photography Bryan Grayson

Mar 7, 2018 | Skincare

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