Our Backyard Renovation Under $2,000

Mar 13, 2018


I’m more motivated than ever to get my backyard renovation moving along.


First, let me give you some context:

I live in a friendly area with trendy boutiques, fine dining, and new coffee shops down the street.

So, I wanted something less trendy/modern for my backyard.

I knew I wanted lighter neutral hues – because I’m drawn to that color palette – and… I live in Texas.

I don’t need any black furniture absorbing heat out here – it’s hot enough as is! 😉

Stylistically speaking:

I wanted this area to feel like a secret garden, fun, romantic, colorful, warm, inviting, and like a french bistro.

Realistically speaking:

It had to be mom-approved. It needed to be functional.

A place to eat dinner with Audri while watching the sunset, space for her to play, and storage for her toys were important to me. #itsthelittlethings

I will spend most of my time in this area playing in the sand box with my daughter, playing fetch with my puppy dog, watering our flowers – trying not to kill them – and hanging out with friends listening to music.

In the evenings, I’ll turn the string lights on, read a good book, and rewind from the day once Paul gets home from work.


The overall goal for this space was to create a functional and inviting area for our family and friends. 


Something refreshing, beautiful, and fun that we won’t grow out of anytime soon. Something under budget that would last.

Here’s the concept:

I tweaked this design just a little bit to fit my space and tastes accordingly.

Check out the final below:

I decided not to order the accent table at all. I don’t love it. Nor do I really need it.

The rug I purchased is an 8’x10′. You can shop that, as well as my couch, and my string lights by clicking on the images below. Everything else is linked for you!


Shop Our Backyard Renovation Below:




Table – Amazon

Umbrella (I purchased the white rather than the beige pictured above)  – Crate & Barrel

Chairs: I ended up ordering green and white chairs instead of the ones pictured above. No regrets. – Frontgate

Storage Box – Amazon

Tiki Torches – Amazon

Pillow (size 18×18) – Society 6

Pillow (size 18×18) couldn’t find the pink one so I linked a similar one here – Society 6

8 in. Pot – Home Depot

12 in. Pot – Home Depot

16 in. Pot – Home Depot

Three-tiered planter – found while antique shopping years ago.



Mar 13, 2018 | Lifestyle