Meal Planning With Real Simple For A Week

Feb 13, 2017

Meal planning is always done on Sundays in this house. I spend hours inside of my meal planning journal writing down exactly what meals to cook, and which ingredients I need from the store to make the magic happen!

When I’m done, I hit the grocery store with my mini me, and it usually takes us about three hours to get everything we need for the week.

Granted, we also try on silly hats and smell pretty flowers. 😉

I just want to make sure I’m feeding my family with evenly spaced nutrients each night for dinner. The proper amount of protein, healthy fats, obviously fruit/veggie servings, etc. And there’s just noooooo quick way to do that.

Until now.

I recently tried meal planning with Real Simple and it’s a total game changer!

Every Friday morning I’m emailed a detailed list of what meals to serve from Monday-Friday, what ingredients I probably already have at home, and what I might need to buy.

As if that’s not easy enough…..they break down every day into specific instructions for preparation and cooking! It’s a dream service and it only costs $6 a month!

I love meal planning with Real Simple…….because the process is actually…….really simple! #cornybuttrue 😉

Here’s the process:

1). The email arrives on Friday morning. It gives me a small overview of what meals I’ll be cooking for that specific week. This is a real screenshot from my email at the end of Jan.

meal planning

2). Once I click the pink HERE link above, I’m taken to the below shopping list. It’s not overwhelming because they have it broken down into produce, dairy, meat/poultry/fish and dry goods.

meal planning

3). After I’ve purchased the ingredients I need – and I’m ready to begin cooking – I scroll down on this same page (which is actually a pdf once you subscribe) and I choose the day of the week. I’m able to see how many people the upcoming meal serves, step-by-step directions for cooking, as well as a quick tip.

meal planning


The only downside is that the preparation time is usually double what it says. And that was something I had to learn in time. I think everyone will have different experiences with food prep.

I love depending on this service because it takes so much time off of my schedule. Plus, the meals are healthy, flavorful, and the serving size is great because we always have leftovers. I store it overnight in these containers and Paul enjoys it the next day at work!

Below are a few of my favorite items I use while cooking/serving these dinner meals to the fam! Click on the images for other colors, product information, etc.


Feb 13, 2017 | Recipes


  1. Karla

    Thanks for the great info! Love the way the shopping list is divided into groups! Keep posting!!!

    1. VeiledFree

      Yay! You’re welcome, Karla! That shopping list is so organized – I love it!

  2. Jenny

    THANKS Ciara . This information is definitely a game changer for me and my family. Thumbs up….and keep it coming!

    1. VeiledFree

      Awwww that’s the best feedback – I hope it saves you time planning and time in the kitchen so you can play with your loved ones a little longer!

  3. ROSA

    Heyy Ciara! This is definitely one of the most helpful post I have read on this blog.Please keep ’em coming. Thanks!!

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