How to Style a Denim Dress

Mar 11, 2016








photography: Bryan Grayson

The denim dress is not a new trend.

We’ve all seen women style a denim dress in a country-chic way by adding a brown belt around the center of their waists, right?! But how many of us have looked at that and thought, “Been there, done that.”

Trust me, I went through that phase. Two years ago, I lived in that brown belted denim dress during the chilly Fall months.

Lately though, I’ve been interested in transforming the look into something a little more Spring and a little more…….me. So, I purchased a plain denim dress and began to brainstorm about the various ways to style it. As seen above, a nice pair of tights, feminine flats, and a printed scarf make for a relaxed yet chic look for the street, work, or playing with my daughter at the park.

If you like the long, sleeveless, denim dresses, I would layer yours over a fitted tee to make it multi-dimensional.

If you’ve been wanting to try the athleisure trend…this is the perfect opportunity. Tie a long sleeve button down around your waist, throw on white sneakers for added comfort and out the door you go.

And sometimes a denim dress is better off untouched. Add strappy sandals to complete the look and you’re all set!

There are many ways to incorporate a denim dress into your wardrobe. You just have to play around with it!

If you don’t have any picked out for Spring, I linked my favorites below:



Mar 11, 2016 | Style


  1. Erin Rebar

    I’ve never been a huge fan of denim dresses, but these are so cute! Maybe I’ve just been wearing them wrong. I especially like the one with the white shirt layered under it. What a fun twist! And it helps make it more modest! A win-win 🙂

    1. VeiledFree

      I was in the same boat as you Erin, but I’ve really come to love denim dresses! They are easy to put on and go!

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