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Averi’s Closet Organization

Feb 17, 2021

Closet Organization Tips:

1). A few of Averi’s wooden toys are housed on the highest shelf, because they are rotated weekly from her closet to her bedroom toy shelf. This helps keep her interested and engaged during free time. Storing these fun toys up high keeps them out of Averi’s reach. I don’t know about your toddler, but mine is curious and active, so I consider safety the most important thing when organizing her space. 2). Brand new toys I plan on introducing to Averi within the next 6 weeks are stored on a lower shelf. Toy parts are tucked away in bags so that she doesn’t see or experience the toy before it’s time (according to a program we are following). If your toddler likes to reach up and pull things down, my suggestion is to put something “boring” in the spaces he or she can reach. 3). Once a month, I rotate Averi’s books from her closet to her bedroom display shelves. This is the same concept as the toy rotation. Averi will feel like she has brand new books even though I’ve simply rotated them. When it comes to a toddler, out of sight & out of mind truly works. 4). Dresses are stored on felt hangers where the longest hanging space is so that she will have room to grow. In my opinion, these hangers are worth the price because they pack tighter, look cleaner, and Averi’s clothes never slip off. For costumes, I use these hangers instead. 5). Tops, vests, coats, jackets, leotards, sweaters, swimsuits and jumpers are stored where the least amount of hanging space is because (generally speaking) they take up less space than a long dress. closet organization   6). If an item can be hung, I will hang it. However, a few smaller items I’d rather store inside of small woven bins such as: socks, bonnets/hats, bloomers, mittens, skirts and shorts. I place all of her tiny hair rubber bands inside of a canister for easy access. 7). Inside of larger natural bins, I keep items such as: tights, leggings, sweat pants, and jeans. My goal in the morning is to be able to walk into Averi’s closet and easily get her dressed with minimal decision making. The less clutter, the easier the decision. For example, I no longer store her laundry basket in her closet because she loved to throw her dirty clothes everywhere. Her laundry basket is currently stored behind her bedroom rocker so that it is hidden from plain sight. 8). Averi has an affinity with shoes. She talks about them and chooses which ones she’d like to wear throughout the day. I store her shoes at eye level so that she can see them and play with them at leisure. I find these clear risers to be quite cute and functional. 9). Practical things are stored down at the very bottom of the closet. Averi doesn’t feel the need to play with her stroller sack, nap mat, humidifier, or wipes so they stay neat and convenient for daily use. You could also store your purse or grocery cart cover here. 10). Towards the top, I like to keep sentimental things inside of beautiful storage boxes like crafts, milestone cards, sonogram pictures, letters, items from the hospital, etc. You could keep things like a baby briefcase, your child’s baby book, or photo albums. closet organization I find closet organization therapeutic and enjoyable. There’s nothing sweeter than tiny shoes, hats, and clothes nestled into place. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite storage solutions for you below. Click on any of the images for measurements and pricing. 

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Feb 17, 2021 | Home Decor