An Eco-Friendly Gift For The New Mom by Marleys Monsters

Jan 16, 2018

marleys monstersmarleys monsters

photography: Bryan Grayson


Marleys Monsters immediately came to my mind when one of my best friend’s told me she was pregnant.

After squealing and tears and excitement of course…

They carry the cutest things that are machine washable/reusable/eco-friendly. You can customize products to fit your family’s style (they offer over 100 different prints)!

 marleys monsters


Marleys Monsters For Baby

Hooded Bath Towels – read more about them here!

Crinkle Paper – read more about them here!

Bandana Bibs – read more about them here!

Burp Cloths – read more about them here!

Marleys Monsters For Mama

Reusable Nursing Pads – read more about them here!

Large Reusable Nursing Pads – read more about them here!

Body Butter – read more about it here!

Wet Bag – read more about it here!


Marleys Monsters (My Favorites)

Facial Rounds – read more about them hereThese come with the option to include a container but it’s sold separately. I currently store mine in a recyclable mason jar, but I “need” the container because not all of my rounds fit inside of my mason jar at once. Which one do you like best? The wooden or the all white

Dry Goods Bag – read more about them hereGrocery store shopping the smart and stylish way.

Unpaper Towels & Holder – read more about them hereWhen it’s my turn to bring breakfast to bible study, the girls in the group know they get to pick out a fun print. Some of them think I’m a hippie for not using paper towels and others respect it. 😉 Once the day is done, I run a load in the washer and they are as good as new.

Organic Bamboo Washcloths – read more about them hereAudri told me to tell you, “They are sooooooo soft in the bath”


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