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Too Entitled to Parent + 3 Easy Tips to Change

Jan 26, 2016

“Entitlement is a delusion built on self-centeredness and laziness.” 





Let me be real with you guys…..98% of my time spent with my daughter is filled with (a term I coined) as “chaotic contentment”.

Whether she’s smearing ranch dressing AND ketchup on my dining table simultaneously – or she’s wrapping her tiny body around my legs as I fold laundry- my heart is filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and love.

Does this mean I’m happy 98% of the time? Hahaha no. Am I sane? Questionable. Am I peaceful? YES – for that 98% of the time!

So what about the other 2%? 

Well, I believe Satan’s lie that my life is supposed to be easy and fun.

Why? Because I deserve it. Right? Because I’m a hard worker. I mean, I’m supposed to be rewarded, right? Because it’s my life and I’m going to live it the way I see fit? Yeah?

No. That’s complete crap. That’s entitlement.

So this post is to remind us that motherhood is always sacrificial, always beautiful, and it is the most fulfilling thing we will ever do.

And for anyone else out there that sometimes thinks, “Wow, I could do so much more before children” – you’re TOTALLY right.

Now stop reminiscing and start changing that perspective – or you will continuously blame your children and grow bitter toward them, and it will destroy you. Don’t give Satan that authority!


So here are 3 things to do when you feel entitled: 

1). The times where your children are annoying and frustrating you just because they are children. That’s entitlement. Stop and say, “I choose to love you like Jesus.” 

2). When you find yourself angry, disappointed, “inconvenienced” or exhausted ask yourself “What did I expect?”

3). Know that you deserve nothing and are given everything. Remind yourself that even one sin is all it takes to spend an eternity suffering in Hell. God has taken that away through Christ’s sacrifice for us.

Even on your toughest days, remember that every breath is a gift.

“For the wages of sin is death but the gift of god is eternal life.” -Romans 6:23



  1. Julie

    Very well said ❤️

    1. VeiledFree

      Thank you for the kind feedback, Julie!

  2. Mom

    Beautifully written! God has given you such insight. I am so proud of you and love you very much!

  3. damadel

    This is beautiful!

    1. VeiledFree

      Thank you so much!

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