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What Is Your “Why” – Finding Your Purpose in 2018

Dec 22, 2017



As the new year approaches, I want to encourage you to focus largely on your “why”

Your “why” is your purpose, your motivator, your reason for doing what you do on a daily basis.


Reflect on these questions for the rest of the month:

  • What are you doing right now?
  • Why are you doing it?
  • Does it give you meaning, energy, purpose, life?
  • Do you know what your “why” is?
  • What’s stopping you from living intentionally?


I made a list of reasons why I believe I’m on Earth.


Here they are:

  • To manifest Christ in me.
  • To live a life of contribution.
  • To be a change agent in my community and world.
  • To be a spokesperson for Christ.
  • To be prepared for opportunity.
  • To be a wife and a mother.
  • To uplift the broken.
  • To befriend the outcast.
  • To challenge societal norms with spiritual truth.
  • To refresh and inspire.
  • To encourage and love on other women instead of tearing them down.


This list isn’t technically my “why” statement (which you’ll learn about in the book), but it’s a great start to living purposefully.

Because I’ve taken the time to write these down and pray over them every day, my actions can’t help but follow.


If you long for more meaning and purpose in your life – but don’t know where to begin – I highly recommend this book to help you dive deeper. I know the author personally and I can assure you that this book was written from a pure heart and it has really helped me understand how my specific past affects my future (which is why cultivating my present is so important).

Your uniqueness is not a mistake. God wants you to hone in on the specific gifts he’s given so that you can bring others to Him in ways most relevant to you.

I challenge you to replace your standard New Year’s resolutions (cut out soda, exercise more, etc.) with this ONE goal: to design a life that matches your “why”.



*the white book cover looks differently than the green cover on Amazon, because mine came as a special edition inside of my Faithbox. It’s the same book though, I promise 🙂

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Dec 22, 2017 | Books, Mental Health


  1. Rhonda

    You are such an inspiration!!! Thank you so much for sharing your heart, beautiful as it is!! God bless!!

  2. Ariel Paz (@ArielPaz08)

    So timely. I am considering this very question. The “why” gets at the very heart, the intention, of why we do what we do. It takes self-reflection and honesty with ourselves. I been writing a blog now for many years to encourage people to “ignite the power within and discover their destiny” which is akin to purpose. As the new year begins, I go to God with my life’s choices. Blessings, dear one.

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