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Three Ways To Freshen Up Your Home This Spring (On A Budget)

Mar 6, 2024




With Spring’s fresh air rushing around every corner, the excitement for a home decor update follows. If you’re like me, then you like to change things up in the home from time to time, providing a fun challenge for yourself while remaining within your budget. Here are three ways I’m able to freshen up my home often, without spending a ton of money.


Rotate current furniture to other rooms.

Just as I rotate the girls toys and books in and out of the playroom, I also rotate my toys and books throughout the home. I’ll move something from the upstairs guest room to the downstairs coffee bar or I’ll swap out a living room end table from storage that goes with the current season. This concept works well with any piece of furniture roughly the same size as what you have in place now. I’m often shopping my own home and I find little treasures to repurpose somewhere else, giving both spaces a fresh start.


Find new accent pieces.

Small items are typically less expensive than larger items like a couch or a dining table. If your budget allows, purchase a handful of accent pieces that are different from anything you already own. If you’re into DIY furniture, this would be a great opportunity to thrift something and add your personal flare. Smaller ticket items—whether purchased new or thrifted—are perfect for those quick home refresh projects.


Change the paint color.

Painting a room, or an accent wall, is a simple way to completely alter the environment. I’m currently using a new green paint color for my home office cabinets. It’s giving the space more life and sophistication and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out.



Browse below a curated collection of inspiring and budget-friendly items that are sure to freshen up your home this spring.



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Mar 6, 2024 | Home Decor