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Picnic at Pfeiffer Beach

Jun 4, 2021


Cap, Sweater (gifted, similar here), Jeans, Boots, Cooler, Beach Towels, Beach Bag

Paul and I had the greatest time exploring Pfeiffer Beach today. It’s one of the most enchanting beaches we’ve ever been to, complete with rolling hills, fog, cliffs, caves, purple sand, and crashing waves. We arrived at 9am and left in time to clean up for dinner around 4pm. Because we knew we wanted to maximize our time at the beach, we decided to pack for a picnic. We sat close to Keyhole Rock so we could view the entire beach with food and drink in hand. This striped cooler has been one of our favorite items to bring with us each day, as well as, our beach bag which houses all of our beach day essentials. Picnic Pfeiffer Beach

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Jun 4, 2021 | Lifestyle, Style