Mama Items I’m Purchasing From Etsy

Feb 24, 2021
I’ve received many compliments on my colorful MAMA sweatshirt so I was inspired to curate a collection of items for all of my mama friends out there. You could share this blog post with your spouse as a little hint for Mother’s Day, purchase for yourself if the budget allows, or gift something to a fellow mama friend. I’m always browsing Etsy for everyday items like home decor, children’s toys, and one of a kind gifts. I just purchased this for a friend’s baby shower and I purchased a boy mama sweatshirt for my sister-in-law. Browse some of my favorite mama Etsy finds below.

Mama Ring

This customizable ring would look beautiful with the word mama spelled out.

Mama sweatshirt

I love this mama sweatshirt because the material is soft and the pattern is playful.

Personalized Bracelet

This bracelet would be stunning with the word mama or your child’s name spelled out.

Personalized Linen Apron

You could personalize this traditional linen apron with Mama, a name, or a company logo. I’ve seen some aprons that say “Mama’s Kitchen” which would make for a thoughtful gift for the baker or cook in your life.

Initial Necklace

This delicate initial necklace is a staple jewelry piece for the minimalist. Customize it with your first initial, last initial, or M for mama.

Mama shirt

Throw this mama shirt on with sneakers for a casual look.

Mama Cap

This cute cap is the perfect accessory for the days you don’t feel like fixing your hair.

Mama and Me (Mathcing Mug and Sippy Cup)

I just purchased this sweet set and can’t wait to match Averi with my morning cup of coffee. I’ll let Audri drink from the mug when she wants to match with her sister.

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Feb 24, 2021 | Motherhood

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  1. Shelly

    I love your “mama” sweatshirt! The matching mug and sippy cup are cute also! Your little girl is adorable!

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