How To Throw A Bunny Themed Birthday Party

May 20, 2024

My youngest daughter, Averi, recently turned five-years-old and she requested a bunny themed birthday party to celebrate. She’s loved bunnies since she was a baby so I wanted to make the party extra special for her. A bunny themed birthday party is perfect for any bunny lover in your life, no matter the age.


How To Throw A Bunny Themed Birthday Party


Petting Zoo

Whether you hire a small petting zoo or ask a friend to bring their pet bunny to the party, a special guest of honor is sure to make the birthday boy or girl smile. Our friends brought their velveteen rabbit over for everyone to pet. Seeing Averi’s dream come true was the highlight of the day for me. Bunnies can be nervous around large amounts of people so our friends quietly set up a pack and play in my office and individually invited each person inside with the bunny.


I set up a “become a bunny” station including a variety of bunny ears, costumes, bunny noses, cotton tails, and bunny jewelry. The kids had a blast dressing up, hopping around, and trading costumes all afternoon.

Audri, my oldest daughter, generously offered to paint the guests faces. Whether you outsource this skill or inquire the artist of the family to help, this is a favorite idea for any birthday party. This face paint set is the best. It has a booklet with simple ideas and the perfect amount of washable face paint for twenty children or more.

Backyard games were a hit due to our bouncy house, trampoline, outdoor play kitchen, and croquet. If you have a small amount of children at the party, I highly recommend a sack race with these. We race every year at Easter and even the adults enjoy it. You can hot glue cotton balls on the back if you’re so inclined.

Indoor crafting stations made for a wonderful break from the heat. These were adorable.


Bunny themed foods include carrots, cheddar bunnies, fruit snack bunnies, and bell peppers. I served classics like fruits, vegetables, turkey rolls, and a charcuterie board. Of course I added some of Averi’s favorites like strawberry lemonade, macaroons, cake, chocolate chip cookies, and cheese pizza.


I incorporated Averi’s stuffed animal bunny collection. Around midnight the night before, I lined them along the stairs so she’d see them first thing in the morning. I placed toddler-sized birthday party hats on top of each bunny. Averi loved waking up to her party bunnies. For paper goods, Averi picked these cups out and the matching set of plates and napkins.

Party Favors

Along with glitter bouncy balls and crazy pencils, every child had the opportunity to create a personalized bunny ornament to take home. Each year at Christmas, they will be reminded of their friendship with Averi and the sweet memories they share together. You can shop precious bunny related items for your little one below.

May 20, 2024 | Motherhood


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    Such a sweet party for Miss Averi. I love all of your ideas!

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