How To Make A Charcuterie Board Everyone Will Love

Mar 22, 2024


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I recently celebrated an early Passover dinner with friends, and my job was to bring the charcuterie board. I thought I’d share with you today how I typically make a charcuterie board that seems to be enjoyable for all kinds of palettes. So, if you’re wanting a tried and true charcuterie board recipe, you’re in the right place. Mine varies depending on the occasion, how many people will be there, and what I already have in the fridge, but it remains similar to this combination each time: meat, cheese, fruit, veggies, dip, and fillers.

Rather than mixing and matching all types of meats and cheeses, I focus on one instead. Although there are several different types of salami on my latest charcuterie board, the meat slices don’t compete against each other. The same thought is applied to what kind of cheese I’ll be serving. Here, I chose different versions of mozzarella and created my board around the meat/cheese of choice. I always roast a vegetable to enjoy on the board. For this occasion, I stuck with whole tomatoes and then stirred them to make a dip. Grapes are what I had on-hand so that’s what I used for this board. I’ve also used pears and apples in the past, which pair especially well with gouda. My daughters love hummus so I served roasted red pepper hummus to dip fresh, crunchy cucumbers in. The fig dip paired well with my crostini and of course I had to include my favorite thing on the board, olives. I’m a messy cook so I like to lay everything out where I can see it. Then, I place the larger items on the board first and work my way around them with smaller pieces, saving the almonds to cover the last remaining holes. Browse charcuterie board serving items for your next soiree below.





Mar 22, 2024 | Recipes