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Thoughts On Love & Friendship

Feb 14, 2024


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Last week at church, the pastor reminded us that real love looks like kindness, forgiveness, and tender hearts consistently positioned toward one another. Sometimes, those suggestions from the pulpit seem attainable like an easy, no-duh kind-of-thing. Like something we learned in elementary school. Other times, they feel like the hardest things in the world to embody.

That’s when I remember something important: the closer I press into God’s Word, the easier it is to access His unlimited reserve, the never-ending entry to His spiritual fruits, overflowing and spilling all over us.

I think that relationships are little like wine, sometimes dry and bitter and sometimes sweet and full and rich. A small amount of time spent with a friend might impact us for a couple of hours after work. But, the people that we immerse ourselves in—those friends that we keep coming back to for multiple drinks—well, they have the power for massive impact. The longer we hang around them, the more of their effects can be felt and seen in our daily lives, and the larger their stains leave on our families, our work, and our potential.

Because my days are numbered, I’m trying to be more intentional with my friendships. The more I drink from a cup filled with love, the more loved I’ll be, and the more love will spill from me onto others.

I hope this Valentine’s Day is a reminder of the men and women who lift you higher, who support you endlessly, and who love you for who you really are. They are treasures, leading us closer to the true character of Jesus. Take a moment today to tell them, “Thank you.”



Feb 14, 2024 | Faith, Motherhood