How To Create A Yogurt Parfait Station

Mar 27, 2024




A fun idea for any gathering is a term I refer to in my house as “a celebration station.” This, essentially, is where guests can create their own thing on their own terms. Whether it’s a hot cocoa station in the winter or a craft at a children’s function, this idea is always a crowd pleaser. Creating a yogurt parfait station is simple. All you need is a dedicated area in the house to serve the goodies. Start with an oversized serving bowl full of plain greek yogurt (to accommodate the diets of all kinds of guests). Make sure to serve and label your toppings individually: granola, honey, fresh fruit, dried fruit, jam, chia seeds, etc. Guests will love customizing this sweet and crunchy snack. From cutting boards to serving platters, you can now shop my arrangement of yogurt parfait station essentials below.


Mar 27, 2024 | Lifestyle