The #1 Question I Get Asked About My Book

Mar 26, 2024


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The #1 question I get asked about my book is, “What inspired you to write a book?”

Here’s the honest answer: The title of the book inspired my writing. I was creating content for you here, and for brands as a part-time UGC creator. I was raising Audri and Averi and working hard on the brick-and-mortar family business. I felt the Lord asking me to stop all of the digital work, but I ignored His voice for as long as I could. With time, His impression grew stronger. After much deliberation and prayer, I stopped creating and posting on here and for agencies. I prayed consistently, asking God to show me the next step. A year later, He answered my desperate plea by impressing this book title on my heart, “Glasses Off: How To See God When Your Vision Is Blurred.” (I’ve since changed the subtitle).

I wasn’t an author at the time so I scoured Amazon for a book with this title. I couldn’t wait to order it! However, nothing came up because the book didn’t exist, because I hadn’t written it. Still not fully understanding God’s prompting to write, I researched all of the books that Amazon recommended based on my search results. Each book was about physical eyesight and the more I read, the more I catastrophized. I caught myself thinking, Oh no! God wants me to research about blurred vision, because he’s going to take my eyesight away! Yes, I took it literally. Yes, I spent hours scared and googling. By the grace of God, He soon revealed to me, “I’m not asking you to buy a book; I’m asking you to write one.”

One year later, while I was in a writing competition, they told us to summarize our book. I asked my husband for his opinion, “What do you think my scribbles are about, if you could only use one word?” He answered, “All of your writings are about having vision in life and in faith.” Then, everything clicked for me…

God was calling me to write about spiritual blindness and clear vision. It was a metaphor! Now, I was so inspired to write the book I needed to read. I knew that I wasn’t the only person in the world who needed a fresh message—not only about hope—but also about clarity and discernment and practical steps. Things that I could realistically offer readers because it’s what I was learning in real time: the longing, the doubts, the questions, they were all-consuming. So, I wrote this book, Glasses Off: Seeing God When Your Vision Is Gone, for two types of people: 1) those whom God has chosen to fulfill something but they’re not quite sure how and 2) those people who don’t feel special enough to look for a calling in the first place. This book is a personal and professional blueprint all about how God reveals visions to us, and how we can follow through.


Whether you’re a fellow writer, or a long-time blog reader, I hope you found this peek behind the curtain entertaining. Feel free to peruse my favorite items for daily writing below.



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