An Answered Prayer

May 18, 2021


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When I’m sad, it’s not my first inclination to talk about my problems with others. I tend to internalize my feelings and keep to myself, journaling my thoughts and eventually opening up to my husband. I’m an eternal optimist online and offline – it’s just my nature. That said, I’ve been in quite a bit of physical pain this year due to an unexpected diagnosis. Over the past four months, I’ve prayed that God would use this journey as a way to gain perspective and glean wisdom. I also prayed that he would remove any and all suffering. And he did. Partially. He honored the secret whispers from my heart, but gave me something else to work through. My hope for you today is to sit and rest with the Lord. I encourage you to believe in miracles and good things, even when the world leans cynical. I’ve learned that nothing is too big, too small, too silly, or too important to bring before God in prayer. He might answer our prayer request a little differently than we’d ever imagined, but it will be beautiful nonetheless.

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May 18, 2021 | Faith