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Valentine’s Day Outfit – From the Office to Date Night

Feb 4, 2017

Valentine’s Day is coming up so I wanted to give you guys a transitional outfit that is a little different from the norm. Something you could wear in a casual office setting and your evening date. With traffic, child care, and “sorry you’re too late – this restaurant is already booked” kind-of schedules…. Valentine’s Day can often feel forced.

Which is a total bummer, because I’m all about celebrating love and romance!


When I was working in the corporate world, I remember having twenty minutes (after traffic) to change from work attire to something more date-friendly. I’m not even sure I showered. But my date married me a year later so I guess he didn’t mind the stench much! 😉


I always enjoyed decorating my office with seasonal hints. I kept it professional, but I had to let some of my personality show – it was my office after all! For the girl who can relate, I suggest placing a rose inside of a mason jar on your desk. Something as simple as this can make those mundane work tasks a little more bearable.


Whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day, this look should cut down on time, and make your day at the office a little more festive!


Here are my quick transition suggestions:

  1. wear flats to work then switch to heels later.
  2. tuck your graphic tee inside of your skirt then tie it in a knot for your date. 
  3. switch out work appropriate jewelry for a choker or chunky earrings. 



valentine's day

valentine's day

valentine's day


Here are my picks for Valentine’s Day. Pair any of these together for a beautiful combination:


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Feb 4, 2017 | VF Looks


  1. Camille

    Absolutely Love this look!!!

    1. VeiledFree

      Thank you so so much!! Happy early Valentine’s Day!!

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