The Dos & Don’ts Of Working From A Coffee Shop

Apr 29, 2024




Working from a coffee shop is both relaxing and reinvigorating. As a remote employee, it’s important for me to switch up the atmosphere from time to time and coffee shops are my go-to. Here are a few quick tips for working from a coffee shop—things you want to avoid and ways to maximize your time.

  • Buy a coffee or treat every two hours in exchange for using their table and chair for the day. If it’s good, leave a nice tip.
  • Don’t ask to change the music, temperature, or furniture. Bring your own headphones and a sweater, or go back to working from home where you can fully personalize your experience.
  • Bring your own router or use a personal hot spot, because using public wifi for extended periods of time can be risky.
  • Experiment with different coffee shops to see which environment you work best in. Do you thrive in peak times with lots of noise and energy? Do you like an empty coffee shop in the early-hour mornings? Would you rather sit outside on the coffee shop patio so that you can take multiple calls uninterrupted?
  • Bring fully charged devices and portable chargers so that you only use an outlet if you really need one.
  • Soak in the delicious beverages, the fresh ambience and enjoy your time! If you are a respectful customer, most coffee shop owners will enjoy hosting you.


If you’d prefer to bring the coffee shop vibe to you instead, I’ve hand-selected the below items to help you.

Apr 29, 2024 | Lifestyle