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New Ways To Make Your Sleep Even Better

Jan 29, 2024




A good night’s rest is always cause for celebration. Especially for those who experience sleep-altering stimuli like an overactive mind, clinical insomnia, nightmares, a partner who snores, etc. Many of you know I have a seizure disorder which is triggered through lack of REM sleep. I stopped taking my medicine a few years ago because I didn’t like the side effects. Because of this, I’ve been prioritizing sleep more than ever before, making sure I get my eight hours each night. Here are some things I’ve found helpful so far:


  • Investing in a nice mattress and rotating it once a year
  • Updating my bedding. If you are a warm sleeper, update your bedding to eucalyptus sheets, which are cooling, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. You can grab this beautiful eucalyptus sheet set for 10% off
  • Enjoying a weighted blanket
  • Journaling my thoughts or to-do’s for the next day so that I can relax knowing I will take care of them tomorrow
  • Going to bed early
  • Using a Snoo bassinet for babies
  • Enjoying my skincare routine slowly and therapeutically
  • Dry brushing after the shower to release anxieties
  • Never using my devices in the bedroom and charging them in the office instead of my nightstand
  • Relishing in a good lavender spray
  • Applying an overnight lip mask
  • Reading a good book by candlelight
  • Relaxing in a warm bath with eucalyptus salt
  • Savoring a caffeine-free hot tea
  • Moving my body during the day so that I’m physically tired at night
  • Making sure the temperature in the room is not too hot or too cold
  • Blocking out sounds and sights with sleep masks. This is Paul’s favorite


Shop below for products that help improve our sleeping habits and make the process of going to bed more enjoyable.

Jan 29, 2024 | Mental Health, Mindfulness