My Toddler’s Book Display Shelf

Mar 4, 2021
This simple book display shelf adds storage practicality and life into one corner of Averi’s bedroom. She enjoys going to her “library” to choose a few books to read throughout the day and I enjoy watching her independence blossom and her interests develop. 

Below is a list of books that my toddler is currently enjoying:

Mickey Mouse Those Were The Days Bambi Pat the Bunny I Wonder What a Rainforest Is Easter is Coming Julius The Baby of the World Peter Rabbit Colors Averi’s Snuggle Bunny Itsy Bitsy Spider Benjamin Bunny My First 123s and Nursery Rhymes Lady and The Tramp The Little Book of Values Tawny Scrawny Lion Thumbelina Donald Duck’s Toy Sailboat The Flopsy Bunnies Humpty Dumpty Baby Jesus Home For a Bunny Chester’s Way I Think That It Is Wonderful My Very First Mother Goose Book Bear Hugs Animal Babies Her First Bible Good Morning Yoga This Little Piggy Good Night, God Never Touch a Dinosaur You are a Child of God My Little Sweetheart

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Mar 4, 2021 | Books


  1. mombundandmayhem

    Such a nice bookshelf and thank you for listing those books, going to grab some new ones for my toddler!

    1. VeiledFree

      Enjoy your new finds. 🙂

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