He Is Worth Thinking About

May 22, 2024



I am celebrating a lot this month. With five birthdays, graduations, mother’s day, and my wedding anniversary weaved throughout, it’s been a whirlwind of giving and receiving gifts and cards and hugs. Wiping away tears and sharing dreams. I wouldn’t trade it for it anything.

I suppose that when we give a gift to a loved one, what we’re really saying is, “I thought of you. You are worth thinking about.” Sometimes, I wonder if God wants me to think about Him more and to give Him gifts, just because. If that were so, what would that even look like? Maybe the gift wouldn’t be a physical sacrifice at the altar of idolatry, or maybe it would be. Perhaps, it would be an issue of the heart. What if God wants me to work hard with the talents I’ve been given, to steward my life well, to serve others daily, and to give myself to Him fully? I crave His love, but that’s only part of a relationship. So today, I’m concluding that my personalized gift to God will look like the conscious effort to love Him in proportionate amount to how much I’d liked to be loved by Him.

May 22, 2024 | Faith