Grilling Out – Sharing “My Yummy Steak” Recipe

Jun 3, 2020
Grilling out is a fun way to spend time outdoors during the spring and summer months. It can also be a cost effective, practical and beautiful way to enjoy family and friends. I wanted to share a quick recipe that I use at the house when I’m craving a steak dinner. I’m fluid while cooking, always allowing for quick changes and adaptability. I taste and add things as I go so this recipe is a little out of the ordinary, but if you purchase the proper meat, it will be extremely easy to make and (more importantly) rich with flavor.   Grilling

My Yummy Steak Instructions

  1. Buy local, grass fed, tender meat. I use meat from my dad’s ranch. If you are unable to shop locally, I suggest ordering Nolan Ryan or Simple Truth steak from the grocery store. 
  2. Rub a lot of olive oil, fresh pepper, garlic powder, dry red wine, celtic sea salt, dijon mustard, and whipped cream all over both sides of the steak. Be generous. Really douse the steak.
  3. Grill to medium (140 degrees with an internal thermometer) The grill needs to be hot before placing the steaks on top. Cook the steaks for 7 minutes on high heat to sear and the keep the juices locked inside…. then turn the steaks over for one minute as you begin to turn the grill down to low / medium heat. Flip the steaks every 5 minutes, checking on them and adding butter, until it reaches 140 degrees.
  4. If you don’t have a grill…..simply place the steaks in a dutch oven, cooking on the top rack at 400 degrees checking every 5 minutes, rotating slowly adding butter until the temperature reaches 140 degrees.
  5. Don’t overcook it…
  6. Add a dollop of whipped cream at the end
  7. Serve hot and enjoy
*Another tip for adding flavor is to use wood chips. You can use apple, cherry, or hickory wood chips for an enhancement of flavor on meat or veggies. All you have to do is pour half of the wood chips into a smoker box and place in the grill. Do not get them wet beforehand. They can be left in your grill for up to two hours. I bought this set for my parents for Christmas, but it would make for a good father’s day present also.

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Jun 3, 2020 | Recipes