Goat’s Milk Vs. Yogurt + Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Jul 19, 2017

Goat’s Milk for the win, ladies and gentlemen!

I started researching goat’s milk awhile back, because Audri’s stomach gets more sensitive the older she gets. Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw what I use to make my own almond milk in this post (due to her sensitivities).

And we still enjoy almond milk. But sometimes, my girl wants a late night snack. She asks for yogurt…..she eats yogurt…..she gets sick…..she can’t sleep…..mommy cries. Until now….

With less lactose and a chemical structure similar to that of breast milk, goat’s milk is much easier for my little Audri to digest! 

It contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein and fatty acids, and as mentioned, it only takes 20 minutes to digest. It takes 2 to 3 hours to digest cow’s milk (which is in conventional yogurt).

If you’ve never tried it, don’t knock it. I’ll admit it took me a long time to adjust to the idea and the taste, but now I don’t even notice it!

Plus it has more calcium, potassium, and vitamin A than cow’s milk!

So the next time you want a snack after 8pm that you won’t regret in the morning…..reach for goat’s milk!

You can buy plain, vanilla or blueberry here! If you want to make an avocado kefir smoothie with goat’s milk kefir (my favorite) you can find the delicious recipe here!



Jul 19, 2017 | Recipes